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Preston Children’s Academy: Our Childcare & Preschool Program

The commitment that “Your child is our child” has inspired Preston Children’s Academy to provide the children in our program with the highest standard of care, teaching, and learning opportunities. We create an environment in which your child can grow, explore and flourish!  We offer a childcare and preschool program appropriate for each stage of preschool development:

Our Preschool Offers a Complete Child Development Program

We believe that education isn’t about filling up a brain with facts—it’s about making learning engaging, fun and challenging to create a lifelong love of knowledge and growth. Strong early childhood development will help your child establish the base of knowledge, skills and growth upon which future learning and success will be built.

Our Nationally Accredited (NAEYC), Five-Star preschool provides a curriculum for each age that is designed to foster child development in the most important areas. Each of our Cary, NC preschool classrooms promotes fun and meaningful experiences that cover all areas of development. The interest areas of instruction and child development covered in our classrooms include:

  • Arts
  • Character and Social Development
  • Computer Technology
  • Creative Free Play
  • Introductory Spanish
  • Math Concepts
  • Music Appreciation
  • Nature & Science
  • Physical Fitness
  • Pre-Writing
  • Reading Readiness
  • Vocabulary and Verbal Skills 

A Day at Our Preschool

Though each classroom will differ to accommodate various ages, developmental levels, and individual needs, most of our preschool classrooms follow a similar structure. The most typical activities in a child’s day are outlined in the list below:

  • Our teachers use the Creative Curriculum to prepare lesson plans that create meaningful and engaging activities.
  • The day begins with circle time, a group gathering during which we share our ideas, plans and observations. Circle time activities are designed to stimulate children’s thinking, enrich their social skills, and expand their attention.
  • Outdoor play encourages children to play with others, develop fine and gross motor skills, and get the physical activity they need. Outdoor areas include equipment like balls, playground structures, and vehicles like tricycles and push scooters that promote gross motor development.
  • Independent or free play allows children to explore different interest areas. Interest areas allow children to play independently or in small groups. Interest areas allow children to make connections and provide a very effective learning experience.

Our Nutrition Program


Good nutrition is a vital part of every child’s development. Preston Children’s Academy makes your child’s nutrition a priority with a meal and snack plan that provides a balance of healthy foods. All meals are prepared daily in our school kitchen by our in house cook using fresh, healthy ingredients. Our menu complies completely with the childcare standards of meal patterns for children and meets or exceeds menu standards set by the USDA.

We strive to use the freshest and highest quality of ingredients in our menus.  Unlike many of our competitors, the tuition you pay includes a morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack.  It is our commitment to provide your child with the best possible food and to do so without any additional charge to you.

Tour Preston Children’s Academy Today!

We are excited to hear from you and meet both you and your child! We’d like to give you a tour of our preschool campus and give you more details about our program. You can see our classrooms, kitchen, outdoor play area, indoor gym, and more. Call us today and set up your tour of Preston Children’s Academy!

Preston Children’s Academy is located in Cary, NC.  We are conveniently located near the Research Triangle Park (RTP).  Families enrollfrom many surrounding areas such as Morrisville, Raleigh, Apex and Holly Springs.